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Who We Are


Vision Statement

In all of our activities, we will work to ensure that the City of Azusa continues to be a desirable location in which to invest, raise a family, and grow a business.

Current Initiatives

We continue our ongoing financial and volunteer support for ongoing Azusa programs that are in line with our mission and vision. Such programs include support for Azusa Golden Days, Taste of the Town, and a variety of activities sponsored by Azusa Recreation & Family Services Department, to name a few.


Mercedes Castro
Azusa, CA

Executive Director
Elizabeth Ramirez
Azusa, CA


The Canyon City Alliance (CCA) is a coalition of concerned Azusa residents, businesses and community leaders who joined together to advance policies and programs that protect and enhance the quality of life for all residents and promote a vibrant and sustainable economic climate in the City of Azusa. CCA was formed in 2010 by a coalition that included the Azusa Chamber of Commerce, the Azusa Police Officers' Association and Vulcan Materials Company to ensure the passage of Measure A (see Archive).

"We Did It!" Measure A passes 1/25/11

History of CCA

In 2010, the Canyon City Alliance formed a political action committee ("Yes on A"). We conducted a grassroots campaign to support the decision of the Azusa City Council to adopt an ordinance approving a Development Agreement between the City of Azusa and Azusa Rock, Inc. The ordinance became the subject of a referendum and was placed on the ballot as Measure A.

On January 25, 2011, Measure A was approved by a two to one margin of Azusa voters. For more information about the Yes on A campaign, please click here.

Since then, the implementation of Measure A has been delayed until a lawsuit filed against the City of Azusa by a neighboring city is resolved. The Canyon City Alliance is working to ensure that Measure A will be implemented as soon as the lawsuit is resolved so that the residents of the City of Azusa will enjoy the promised environmental and economic benefits of Measure A.